3F Superliga Match Day Assessment Programme

After Mark visited Brøndby in the winter of 2017 to present our ideas on new fan engagement and attendance growth to senior Superliga officials and key partners, a session was set up with club representatives a month later and by the spring of 2018, the pilot for the Danish Superliga Fan Experience programme had begun.

We are now in the third season of the scheme, where each club receives two visits, as per the EFL scheme described above. not only that, but in addition to a Kick Off meeting and a season review meeting, we have also created our Best XI best practice tool. At the start of the first season, each of the eleven places in the imaginary team is taken by an example of fan experience best practice from around European football and other sports.  As the season progresses and examples of best practice introduced by the clubs is identified, so the places are completed with ‘home grown’ practices. 

OB Odense attributed the 32% increase in seasonal attendance to the Family Stand they had opened as a direct result of this programme, while overall League attendances showed a significant increase after the first season of the scheme.