Case Studies

match day assessment programme

3F Superliga

After Mark visited Brøndby in the winter of 2017 to present our ideas on new fan engagement and attendance growth to senior Superliga officials and key partners, a session was set up with club representatives a month later and by the spring of 2018, the pilot for the Danish Superliga Fan Experience programme had begun.

family excellence programme


The Family Excellence scheme that the EFL has continuously run since 2007 had its roots in some earlier research: a qualitative examination of the family experience through the eyes of a new family that took place a year earlier. This ensured the design of the scheme that followed was driven by the genuine ‘new fan’ perspective.

best xi recognition programme

National League

The Best XI doubles up as a great way of sharing best practice and recognising the clubs who are implementing it. For the 2019/20 season we developed a Best XI programme for the National League that did just this. At the beginning of the season, the XI spots in the line up are taken from other leagues around Europe, highlighting examples of great fan experience initiatives used by other – similar sized – clubs. The places in the line up correspond to touchpoints on the the supporter journey – from the website through to staff engagement.

GROW programme

Estonian Premium Liiga

UEFA first approached the Fan Experience Company in October 2017 to discuss our participation in their first League-based GROW project. GROW is a programme aimed at increasing participation and attendances at a National Association level, but many of the smaller UEFA members associations also run the top tier of their own football pyramid and would welcome support.

The GROW programme in Estonia involved identifying and recruiting 3 Community Development Officers for a pilot scheme characterised by an approach based on club identity, brand and values; community engagement and fan experience. The project ran from July to November 2018 and saw significant improvements in all of the KPIs, especially in attendance.

How we helped one club to increase it's attendance by nearly 1000%

As part of the UEFA GROW programme, Estonian club Narva Trans increased their crowd from 85 – the average when the project began – to an average attendance of 450 fans in just a few months. They had 800 fans for one game, when even the country’s president was there. Here are some of the things that helped to make such a difference. 

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