PODCAST - SEASON 3 (New Episode)
In the first two seasons of The Fan Experience Experience!, we met a range of guests from the world of sport to discuss the fan experience and how clubs, leagues and associations can focus on making it better. Listen now to the latest episode of Season 3 where we are joined by some special guests to take an in-depth look at all of the fan journey touchpoints
The majority of leagues in Europe are facing declining attendances. While the EFL – our longest-running project starting in 2006 – continues to defy the trend and show consistent growth, other clubs and sports are seeing a fall in numbers, especially since the pandemic and with the cost-of-living crisis. Clubs that are seeing increases are also seeing the benefits of a focus on the overall experience a fan has at their stadium. It’s no coincidence. Fans want (and expect) more than the game these days, and clubs need to give them a compelling reason to want to be there, and come back again. If this is something you need help with, we should talk.
Delivering a great matchday experience involves getting a lot of different factors right, but the one aspect that will make the biggest difference is your people. They can turn a poor experience into a great one, but it works both ways. Our training brochure provides practical solutions that both motivate and focus on the practical delivery on match days.
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Formed in 2005. The Fan Experience Company is the leading company when it comes to match day experience assessment and improvement, with award-winning programmes in the UK and Europe. 

With today’s sports  fans looking for much more in their experience than the 90 minutes of action on the field, clubs need to find ways to attract fans to their stadiums earlier, and entertain them when they get there.  

The Fan Experience Company has a range of assessment tools and programmes, data, benchmarking, recognition schemes and practical best practice examples to help any association, league or club to lift the experience their fans have from good to great. This season we have  been involved in…

Since 2006, we’ve been involved in…

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The Fan Experience Company improve the experiences and thinking around the fan journey. The team understands the fan and they offer a wonderful, committed service in understanding the gap between what the club believes is a good experience and more importantly, what the fan wants.  They will help you to keep them coming back for more

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Our support, data and tools can help you develop the focus and consistency needed to deliver an excellent match day experience for fans at all levels of any sport


Our award winning programmes assess the match day experience against a set of defined touchpoints, with detailed benchmarking reports that also recommend improvements


Our staff and volunteer programmes are designed to develop people to make the difference by delivering an excellent match day experience; focussing on the why as well as how


Want to get your key stakeholders engaged and enthusiastic about the match day experience and fan engagement? We have talked about what we do all over the world - call us now

When football finally re-emerges after the lockdown, we will have to focus on the fundamentals: re-engaging with fans, really listening to them and making sure the experiences that await them are going to be worth every single pound they spend. This is the Fan Experience Company's strength and there is no better partner to help you through these challenging times


Handle Me With Care

After almost 18 months without fans, we could be forgiven for believing that those fans might be seen in a whole new light on their return. But the early weeks of the season has seen a succession of poor fan experiences and club-issued apologies as many have simply reverted to type after the pandemic.

In his latest column, Mark suggests that clubs and their leaders need help right now. As one said to us ‘it’s like starting from scratch’ but maybe that’s no bad thing. If there is a good time to start from scratch, and doing it right so that fans are at the centre of the club’s strategy, it’s probably now. 

So, just how many owners and CEOs will take a walk in the fan’s shoes for a match in the next few weeks?

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