Our successes in developing and improving the fan experience in football and other sports has led us to a brand new official partnership with Leicestershire County Cricket Club, where we will work with them to take their match days to new heights.
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Season Two of The Fan Experience Experience! is available to download now. In these ten episodes we focus on how clubs, league and associations can come out of the Covid pandemic on the best footing possible to develop a different and better relationship with their fans.
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Although safety will be a priority for us all going forward, it can't be at the expense of the experience that fans enjoy on match days. Our white paper identifies the way that clubs can get this balance right to ensure fans come back and keep coming back.
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The Euros Vision-Wrong Contest?

It’s all kicking off on June 11. But has the plan to share Euro2020 across so many countries become a case of great idea – but at the wrong time? Our latest blog asks if the movement of players and fans is ideal during a global pandemic, as well as doing unnecessary damage to the environment. But then, as a competition, it’s always been ready to mix things up a little and without it, we might never have chipped penalties, the Three Lions anthem or dentist’s chairs. Think about that. 


Season 2, Episode 10 with Jeff Hutton, Bromley FC

The tenth and final episode of Season Two sees Mark and Darren joined by Jeff Hutton, Chief Executive at Bromley FC who describes the way the club got their fan engagement in early during the pandemic and gives them his thoughts on what fans might be doing and thinking as a return to stadiums draws nearer.

COMING SOON – Season Three of the podcast will feature a question and answer format as Mark and Darren invite queries from the world of football on all matters ‘fan experience’ as we get closer to seeing fans back in stadiums. 

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Formed in 2005. The Fan Experience Company is the leading company when it comes to match day experience assessment and improvement, with award-winning programmes in the UK and Europe. 

With today’s sports  fans looking for much more in their experience than the 90 minutes of action on the field, clubs need to find ways to attract fans to their stadiums earlier, and entertain them when they get there.  

The Fan Experience Company has a range of assessment tools and programmes, data, benchmarking, recognition schemes and practical best practice examples to help any association, league or club to lift the experience their fans have from good to great. This season we have  been involved in…

Since 2006, we’ve been involved in…

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The Fan Experience Company improve the experiences and thinking around the fan journey. The team understands the fan and they offer a wonderful, committed service in understanding the gap between what the club believes is a good experience and more importantly, what the fan wants.  They will help you to keep them coming back for more

Noel Mooney, UEFA


The Fan Experience Company announce first County Cricket Club partnership



As fans begin to return to stadiums from December 2, the focus will be, rightly, on health and safety. But it doesn’t mean the match day experience is less important. If anything, with all the restrictions, it’s even more crucial to get this right. 

Our white paper explores the areas where the experience can help to bring fans back and make them want to return. Research has shown that a significant number of fans are not thinking of going to games again until a vaccine is in place. So we need to focus on making the match day enjoyable – even with the restrictions – until then. 

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Our support, data and tools can help you develop the focus and consistency needed to deliver an excellent match day experience for fans at all levels of any sport


Our award winning programmes assess the match day experience against a set of defined touchpoints, with detailed benchmarking reports that also recommend improvements


Our staff and volunteer programmes are designed to develop people to make the difference by delivering an excellent match day experience; focussing on the why as well as how


Want to get your key stakeholders engaged and enthusiastic about the match day experience and fan engagement? We have talked about what we do all over the world - call us now

When football finally re-emerges after the lockdown, we will have to focus on the fundamentals: re-engaging with fans, really listening to them and making sure the experiences that await them are going to be worth every single pound they spend. This is the Fan Experience Company's strength and there is no better partner to help you through these challenging times

Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive, SPFL


When fans finally return to stadiums, the match day experience will be more important to them than ever. And people at clubs will make the difference.

Our new 20120/21 staff training programme offers bespoke sessions for clubs, designed around their specific needs and situation. From motivational talks about the importance and benefits of providing a best-practice match day experience, through to practical ‘how to’ workshops that provide the tools and skills for staff, stewards and volunteers to do that, it’s a way to instantly improve and put your people first. 


'More than a Hub'​: A Unique Fan Engagement Learning Opportunity

If you’re considering registering for the FC Barcelona Innovation Hub ‘Fan Engagement’ Certificate as part of your professional development or simply because of an interest in the topic, please read on. I’ll tell you why you should.


The New Rules Of Engagement

It’s almost been a whole year without fans in stadiums (other than a few pilot and test events) and the latest roadmap from the government suggests that it will be August (and 18 months since the first lockdown) when they can return properly to Premier League and EFL grounds. In his latest FC Business column, Mark suggests what clubs need to do to get it right, how an over-reliance on digital should be avoided but that engaging with fans in different ways, inside and outside the stadium, will  now be more important than ever.

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