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Find out more about our training programme by reading this brochure that contains details of our online and off-site sessions, that range from motivational talks about the importance of the match day experience to practical workshops that how your people how to deliver a best practice experience. 


People will always make the difference when it comes to the match day fan experience. They can lift it but they can also bring it down. Our training programme is designed to help people understand why they need to deliver excellent service and how their individual role is crucial to the club’s overall success, both on and off the field. 

Our training programme is tailored to the club’s precise circumstances and needs, with particular focus on the current context and the levels of supporter engagement, as well as the match day experience levels in place.

Our 2.5 hour workshop follows a familiar pattern with a warm-up, two forty five minute sessions either side of a short break and then extra time, where we summarise and ensure understanding before people leave.

With emphasis on why it is so important, rather  than what people need to do, we aim to create an environment where your staff, volunteers and representatives want to deliver amazing levels of engagement all the time because it’s the right thing to do; for them, the fans and the club and will lead to the development of a best practice culture in the longer term.

We can develop your people too.

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