Acun Illcali: Hull owner will take 500 fans on holiday to Turkey

Hull City have had some long away days in the Championship this season – Swansea and Bournemouth among them.

But owner Acun Illcali has pitched a very special away trip later this year, albeit not for footballing reasons.

At a fans event on Thursday, Illcali announced plans to take 250 supporters, with one guest each, on a five-star holiday to his home country Turkey this summer.

The winners will be selected from a lottery for June’s five-day trip to Antalya.

“I thought about what I can do to make our fans feel different. I want being a Hull City fan to be a privilege,” he said.

“We’re going to have a private chartered (flight) from Humberside (Airport) to Antalya. Five days in a five-star hotel. We’re going to enjoy together, everybody will have good memories.

“I cannot tell you about the numbers specifically but first of all, some rewards to the most attendance. I think we have the numbers of who most attended the games. These guys should be rewarded.

"Some of the most attendance ones, rest will be lottery, some to charity, so all of us feel good. Fantastic five days enjoying together and refreshing after Covid."

Hull City Owner, Acun Illcali

The lucky fans who will join the all-inclusive getaway will need to pack the sunscreen with Antalya averaging 31 degrees Celsius in June.

The Turkish owner, whose Acun Medya Group replaced the Allam family as custodians of the Tigers in January, has targeted a Premier League return for the club, who are 20th in the Championship with six games still to play.

Original article published 08.04.2022 on The BBC Sport website.

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