Certificate in Fan Engagement

Mark Bradley


Mark founded the Fan Experience Company in 2005 and they now work across Europe helping associations, leagues and clubs to understand and improve fan engagement and their match day experience.

Mark is a UEFA mentor as well as a leading expert of the match day experience and fan engagement.

The FC Barcelona Innovation Hub has a brand new course available – starting in August – that provides a Certificate in Fan Engagement for graduates, and Mark Bradley, founder of The Fan Experience Company has been instrumental in the development and delivery of this fantastic option for anyone looking to build their skills and go on to work within football. 

The concept of Fan Engagement (reflecting the wider service industry concept of Customer Engagement) proposes to address and / or mitigate these factors by re-defining what has been a historically ‘arms-length’ relationship with fans. Instead, it aims to create a ‘stakeholder’ relationship, where the football organisation is designed around the needs of its community and acts according to the values and principles that define it in the eyes of its fans. Fan Engagement therefore relies on a much deeper understanding of the fan: who they are; the nature of their relationship with the game, club or national association and their individual behaviours, motivations, expectations and experiences.

Although elite leagues and clubs generate far more revenue from commercial partnerships that they do from ticket revenue, Fan Engagement is an absolutely necessary tool to allow them to strengthen existing fan relationships and to open up new supporter markets through a distinct and compelling offer. For non-elite leagues and clubs, the need to sustain or increase local ticket revenue is vital to financial viability. Graduates with an in-depth knowledge of Fan Engagement will therefore be able to offer potential employers a proven, effective and measurable path to sustainability and growth.

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