The Launch of the BRAND NEW Fan Experience Company Website


We’ve built it to help associations, leagues and clubs to grow.

Our Fan Experience expertise is not only designed to help you to spot gaps and address them, but also to help you to develop a culture of engagement, because that’s what is needed as we emerge from this pandemic.

Over the past 15 years our message has been clear: fix your fan experience and grow your club.

To be truthful, not everybody went for it. Some preferred to let everything depend on the quality of football, while others discounted at the first sign of trouble.

For the majority, however, their fan experience improvement work has led to more engaged existing fans; lots of new ones; greater diversity in their stadia and, perhaps best of all, improved public perceptions of the ‘beautiful game’.

BUT, as ABC once sang, ‘that was then but this is now’.

We’re now at a point where fan engagement isn’t an option for football – especially outside of the elite.

The UN is reporting that, globally, 1.5bn people will lose their livelihoods and more than 800,000 UK residents have asked for unemployment benefits since the pandemic began.

We know leisure spend will be squeezed like never before and, unless we take action, many fans will forego attendance.

So, in this post-Covid landscape, with the risk that many fans will be lost to our stadia, each club will have two functions: to win and to engage.

As lower-league club supporters, we know how difficult winning is, so let’s focus on the latter. Let’s ENGAGE.

The starting point is the fan experience and we’re standing by to help you.


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