No vulnerable fans were permitted to buy tickets for Sunday's Caraboa Cup Final at Wembley

Clinically vulnerable spectators allowed to attend sport pilot events after guidance change

Guidance which effectively banned clinically extremely vulnerable people from attending events piloting the safe return of spectators has been reversed.

Clinically vulnerable people, or those living with them, were previously excluded on public health grounds.

Tottenham’s disabled fans’ group said ticketing details for Sunday’s Carabao Cup final was “direct discrimination”.

Pilots are being held to test fans’ return to sporting events amid bans during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government’s events research programme (ERP) guidelines still strongly urge caution for extremely vulnerable people attending but says they should not be excluded.

“It’s good news that the government has seen sense and changed its approach to the inclusion of disabled people at its pilot mass events,” said James Taylor, executive director of strategy, impact and social change at disability equality charity Scope.

“The decision to effectively ‘ban’ disabled people from attending these events was called out by Scope and others as unlawful.

“We hope event organisers will now follow this updated guidance and make sure nobody is unfairly excluded.”

Original article 28.04.21 on the BBC Sport website

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