Paul Barber wants MPs to do more to help bring back fans

Paul Barber wants MPs to do more to help get fans back into football stadia.

Albion’s deputy chairman and chief executive remains frustrated at the lack of progress in opening the gates to spectators.

He is most unhappy at inconsistencies which see indoor venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the O2 given the green light to sell tickets.

He said: “Perhaps it is time for the MPs in those smaller towns to step up and realise just how much football contributes to the nation, not just financially, but in terms of community, health and wellbeing, civic pride and so on.

“My sense is that many MPs could do more to support their local clubs.

“MPs tend to be very vocal, and critical of the football authorities, when clubs have gone out of business but now is a time we need them to be vocal to stop clubs disappearing by helping us get fans back in to stadiums.

“I have spoken to a number of politicians on the issue, and Hove MP Peter Kyle in particular has been very helpful in recent days.

“Now other entertainment-based industries are benefitting from the Government’s policies, and that’s great, we have no problem with that and want them to do well too, but football urgently needs the same support.”

Original article 11.10.20 on the Argus website. Written by Brian Owen.

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