Women's Super League: Baroness Campbell 'optimistic' about having crowds next season

The Football Association’s Baroness Sue Campbell is “optimistic” some crowds may be allowed at next season’s Women’s Super League, as well as other sports.

The new WSL season is set to start from 5-6 September, after the 2019-20 campaign came to an early end.

Currently, any elite British sport is being played behind closed doors because of coronavirus restrictions.

Baroness Campbell said: “You’ll see these protocols keep on shifting over the next few weeks, I think.”

The FA’s head of women’s football added: “I do think we will see spectators coming back, in what number and how, it’s still to be agreed.

“We’re working with the government and other team sports to try and get some consistency in what we’re all doing.

"I’m fairly optimistic we might be able to open and not play behind closed doors but the government changes the rules so regularly, it’s kind of hard to keep pace. I’m not saying it's definite, but it’s certainly on our list. For all the team sports, it’s critical really that we get people eventually back into the grounds."

Campbell was speaking to the media after the conclusion of a four-year FA campaign to grow the women’s game in England.

Among other targets set in 2016, the number of female referees in English football has increased by 72% over four years.

Campbell added: “I am really positive and optimistic that we can build now on these foundations and go to an even higher ground.

“And our new strategy for 2020 to 2024 will agree a very ambitious strategy based on the foundations that we’ve built over the last three to four years.”

Original article 25.06.20 on The BBC Sport website 

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