Are you interested in attending football / rugby matches and reporting back on your experiences in exchange for full expenses?

We have 4 different projects (most beginning very soon) where we need your help. In return for completing and emailing back your comprehensive feedback on the entirety of the match day experience (from website to departing the stadium after the game) we’ll cover ALL of your expenses (tickets for all attending, petrol / travel, parking, refreshments inside the stadium, match programme and a small souvenir / retail purchase).

If you (or anyone you know) is interested in one or more of the projects below, please email for more information. If any of my friends here could re-post, I’d be much obliged too.

1. Non-League Football (National Programme)

This programme offers an opportunity to attend Non-League football matches and report back on the experience. We have opportunities all over the country (and this is suitable for individual or pairs of fans). The visit period begins soon and will run into the 2016/2017 season.

2. FA Women’s Super League

For this project (supporting the phenomenal growth of the women’s game here in the UK) we’re looking for families with daughters (ideally under 12) who are interested in Women’s football. They may already play football but are unlikely to have attended a game before. The family would attend two fixtures at each of their allocated clubs and report on their experiences. The visit period is March – September 2016.

3. Super League (Rugby League)

For this project, we’re looking for family groups who would be interested in attending their first top level Rugby League game and report on their experiences. The visit period is February – June 2016.

4. The Football League Family Excellence Awards

This programme will be in its 10th season this year. As a result of the clubs’ response to the feedback we’re providing, there has been a 31% increase in junior attendance across the Football league in only 6 seasons: 5 million more kids watching football at their local club. Next season, as always, we’re looking to refresh our team of visiting families, so if you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch. The family group is defined as one adult and one junior (i.e. Under 12).

We’re after articulate people who can offer a detailed and objective perspective on the experiences at each sport.

I’m more than happy to explain things in more detail to anyone who is interested, so please get in touch with any questions via