This is the first time that I have ever written such a letter but I am extremely pleased to do so.

Today, my son (aged 12) and I, travelled to watch the Cardiff versus Peterborough game.

This was our first visit to the ‘new’ stadium and what a pleasure it was. As usual we arrived comparatively early so my son can take in the occasion.

Whilst Joe Lewis was at Peterborough he was some what of a hero to my son. When Joe arrived at the ground, in pouring rain, he not only recognised my son but took time to talk to him and allowed me to get a photo on my phone.

As I’ve mentioned the weather was very inclement and there is very little cover outside the ground. It is this point that I want to raise. My son and I had visited the shops, met Joe, so went to the away turnstiles to get a drenching whilst we waited for them to open. However, to my amazement and complete admiration the stewards had opened the larger ‘exit’ gate and allowed the few Peterborough supporters there to seek shelter from the rain. They engaged us in conversation and social chit chat whilst permitting us to shelter from the down pour before we entered through the turnstiles once they opened.

When we ‘fully’ entered the ground one of the first things my son noticed was the posters saying “Thanking you for travelling 400 miles just before Christmas”. What can any supporter say to such a thing but ‘Thank you’ for taking the time, effort and expense for going to such lengths to make Peterborough supporters so welcome. As we left the ground a steward, out of the blue, asked my son if he would like one of the posters. He clung on to it all the way home.

Inside the ground the stewards continued to demonstrate a sociable and pleasant manner. They allowed supporters to express their joy freely whilst maintaining control and did so with a smile on their faces. I can only hope that no Peterborough supporter caused them difficulty. I personally did not see any.

Over the last 4-5 years (since my son has really appreciated football) we have travelled many thousands of miles to most of the grounds in the country that Peterborough have played at. We have enjoyed many stadia but none like our experience today. Your efforts to make us welcome with the posters, the enthusiasm, common sense and professionalism of your stewards, staff and the Cardiff supporters themselves have far exceeded that of any ground we have visited in all of our travels.

I would be obliged if you would pass on my thanks to Joe Lewis, your team of stewards, car park attendants, refreshment staff (with their ‘Posh’ burgers and one member of staff wearing a Posh top) and the people of Cardiff who made it such a pleasurable day. If all teams in the league could replicate your model, travelling to away games would always be a pleasure, regardless of the result.

Thank you all so much for such an enjoyable day.